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150 100 Australia Legit For Scannable - Licenses Fake Drivers 150 100 Australia Legit For Scannable - Licenses Fake Drivers
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150 100 Australia Legit For Scannable - Licenses Fake Drivers Id

Maryland introduced its new highly secure driver's license​ and state-issued identification card. 

It's good news 

for the state's residents, including millions of drivers who need a license to prove their entitlement to operate a vehicle; and for law enforcement too. Now when individuals renew their driving license or identification card, they'll be getting a 150 100 Australia Legit For Scannable - Licenses Fake Drivers high-tech ID card that keeps their personal data safe from tampering, and that makes it easier for police and other authorities to verify a person's identity. 

But it's bad news 

for the fraudsters, who'll be confronted with a wide array of security features that are virtually impossible to replicate. 

These will include some special engraved images – important Maryland symbols such as the state flag (see top left), the blue crab of the Chesapeake (bottom right) and the Baltimore oriole, the official state bird, which all appear on the new identification card. The state-issued identification card is widely used as a photo ID by residents who do not have a driver's license or are too young to have one. Both are regularly handed over to verify a person's identity, for example when boarding an airplane, getting a job or setting up a bank account.

Real ID concerns

Concerns about identity fraud and counterfeiting are driving many states to upgrade their DMV issued cards. And over recent years, we've seen an acceleration in new driver's license programs to improve security, but also to comply with the Real ID Act. This Act, due to come into force in 2016, has set out to improve the reliability of state-issued ID documents like the driving license.

The driver's license is seen as key to overcoming identity fraud because so many more people carry a driving license compared to other forms of ID like a passport. Law enforcement agents need to be sure that such government-issued identification documents are authentic and know that the document holder is who he or she claims to be. The Department of Homeland Security continually updates the lists of US states, currently 25 of them, that are compliant with the Real ID Act, and whose driver's licenses will be accepted by federal agencies as proof of identity.

Visibly more secure

Maryland new Real ID compliant driving license, includes a number of state-of-the-art security features that aim to help law enforcement spot a real from a fake license. Maryland's Motor Vehicle Administration opted for the latest in card material, security elements and personalization techniques that deliver optimal security and durability. ​

The Maryland state identification card uses the same material, securtiy features and secure personalization process.

At the heart of this solution 

is a polycarbonate card that's impossible to delaminate as it fuses together security elements into the inner structure, making any attempts to tamper with the laser engraved data immediately visible. Among its wide assortment of easy to detect security features: an image that changes as you tilt the card, raised print for tactile verification and a unique machine readable barcode. 

A polycarbonate card, with its unique security features from 150 100 Australia Legit For Scannable - Licenses Fake Drivers laser-engraving to enhanced visual and tactile effects, makes it the material of choice for many government authorities for their secure identity documents. Over 40 countries use it for national identity or resident permit programs plus it features in 30 national passport programs and all driving licenses from 2013 issued by the EU's 28 member states - a total population of over 500 million.150 100 Australia Legit For Scannable - Licenses Fake Drivers  

Centralizing personalization and issuance 

The secure technology features applied to the new Maryland driving license and state-issued ID cards mean that documents will be produced and sent from a high security Motor Vehicle Administration facility - a procedure already in use by state and federal agencies in over 30 US states. 

Gemalto has been working with state officials in Maryland to prepare for the transition to the new personalization and issuing procedure for driving licenses and ensure the protection of Maryland drivers and their personal information.  

Drawing on Gemalto's experience of providing secure documents, identity soluti​ons and services in more than 100 government programs worldwide, Gemalto and its local company MIDS  are active in numerous US driving license and vehicle registration projects including the states of Alaska, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Idaho, Colorado, District of Columbia, Hawaii, West Virginia, Wyoming, Quebec to name a few. 

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Marylan​d selects Gemalto's complete solution for new polycarbonate driver's licenses​​​​

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